For some people, the sound of a properly tuned, screaming V8 engine is one of the most glorious the world has to offer. Makers of high-performing cars, in fact, put great effort into ensuring that the noises their machines produce are as pleasing and rich-sounding as possible, sculpting exhaust pipes and other potential sources of resonance until they get things just right. The cars most people drive regularly, on the other hand, can rarely be said to provide this kind of excitement, being, as they are, designed for practical purposes above all else.

That does not mean, however, that drivers who find such sounds enthralling have to go without them entirely. While buying a car capable of making such entrancing noise might not be realistic for most, renting one for a day can be surprisingly affordable and gratifying. The kind of Luxury Car Rental Beverly Hills businesses can provide, then, can be a satisfying way of having an amazing experience without being impractical about it.

At beverly hills rent-a-car, for example, those with a love for automotive performance can choose from among some of the world's most spectacular rides. The company owns tuned-up and ready-to-drive fleets of Lamborghini cars, offering both the Gallardo LP550 and the all-wheel-drive Gallardo Spyder. Both cars provide over 500 horses worth of power, as well as the kinds of world-class driving experiences that Lamborghini has long been known for. Impressively enough, both cars are also realistic options for short-term rentals for even those who are far from wealthy.

Lamborghini's perennial competitor is well-represented, too. Perhaps the Exotic Car Rental Beverly Hills providers are most often asked about today is the Ferrari 458, a car that bears the signs of Ferrari's racetrack heritage on its hood most proudly. Many will find the Italia version of the car to be especially attractive, as it provides the most race-oriented experience of the available versions, although the open-topped Italia Spider might make for an even better way to enjoy the California sun.

The classic Ferrari F430 Spider is also available to rent by those who yearn for a slightly simpler part of Ferrari's history, and the California provides the maker's famous ride in a form that seats four passengers in comfort. Even those who would rather enjoy an American-made car instead of an Italian one have plenty to choose from, too, as the Luxury Car Rental Beverly Hills specialist carries a full line of classic muscle cars.